Review | Giveaway: Put an end to hair breakage with Everstrong Anti-Breakage haircare range!

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Counting down 4+ months to #FideLeonWedding and I've been taking extra care of my hair, doing my hair mask and taking care of my hair ends because I want to keep my hair as long as possible for the wedding so my stylist will have more room to style my hair however i want with longer hair length!

It's no secret that I looooove my curls~
I don't think i've gone a week without curling my hair at least twice.
But hot tools like straighters, curlers literally fry your hair! ):

On warmer days, I love a simple low ponytail or low pontail styled to the side so stay cool, but this look requires backcombing of the crown and side portion of my hair so the ponytail looks more poufy and looks nicer on the coverall with curls, but back combing is so damaged to the hair and I'm scared half to death that my hair will suffer from breakage and more hair will fall off!

But it's quite terrifying seeing the amount of hair that simply BREAKS whenever I'm combing through my wet hair with a wide tooth shower comb after washing :/  

I really wonder how some girls manage to keep their hair super healthy and thick and bouncy, so envious! I'm definitely looking for my dream product that can REPAIR my damaged hair and help strengthen it so i can style it however i want without worrying about my hair breaking!

I was shopping at Watsons to look for a new hair care range that might help  my weak hair and I saw the new L'Oreal Paris Hair Expertise Sulphate free range, I was previously quite the fan of the Ever Pure range for colored hair so I was really tempted when I saw their new Ever Strong Anti-Breakage range which is made up of shampoo/conditioner/double serum which promises to repair hair damage & resist breakage after just one use, it has this patented formula called 360º Cuticle Care which helps reinforce weak and fragile hair by strengthening hair from inside-out. 


With more and more hair products labelling their products sulphate-free, i think many people are not essentially understanding what is sulphate and why are sulphate-free products getting popular these days but mostly just because it's the "trend".

So to put it simply, sulfate is a kind of cleansing agent, it's a pretty standard ingredient in most shampoos and also household cleaning products, but the bad part in exchange for that nice frothy hair wash is that it also cause your hair to become frizzy, and in Singapore's climate, we certainly don't need help making our hair even more frizzy! It also damaged colored hair and shortens the lifespan of your new (most probably expensive) hair dye job.

I loooooove my foamy lather when i wash my hair thou, i hate it when I use shampoos which don't give that good foamy effect and especially with long hair it's so awful, but the Ever Strong Anti-Breakage range even thou it's sulphate-free it still gives me a good lather!

Of course, on the topic of going sulphate-free or not.. I definitely will if I can get softer hair or a healthier option for my hair or the choice of haircare that truly helps to extend the life of expensive hair treatments / colouring job! But i think L'Oreal Sulphate-free shampoos are really the more affordable ones as compared to the other brands I've checked out labelled with Sulphate-free formulas.

To be honest, I've not gone out with straight hair for a looooong time because i felt that my hair ends are pretty damaged and hot curling and styling my hair makes the ends shinier too, giving it a "healthier" look, but I noticed that lesser hair breakage/fall on my shower comb when i comb through my wet hair as compared to before, and so i felt more confident wearing my hair straight! :D

Blow dry my hair and went for a food tasting event last week with nadnut and i got quite a number of compliments from wearing my hair straight! :D

I also applied the Ever Strong Anti-Breakage Dual Serum starting halfway down my hair length while my hair was still damp before blow drying it and that seemed to help since normally I will experience some frizzy hair.

On the overall, other than reduced hair breakage I experienced while combing through my wet hair (which was the problem i wanted to solve when i was looking for a new haircare range a couple of week back before i tried the EverStrong Anti-Breakage range, so  i'm really satisfied with the results i'm seeing)!

I felt that this range of haircare products have definitely helped strengthen my hair and repaired some of  the damage from my constant styling, I think i'll be continuing and using this range and see it will help further reduce breakage and it'll be peeeeeeerfect!
Long hair please grow grow grow for my wedding!


By the way, I'll be giving away 1 set of 
Anti-Breakage Shampoo: $14.90, 
Anti-Breakage Conditioner: $14.90, 
Anti-Breakage Dual Serum: $21.90. 

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♡ Love, TheLuckiestChick.

Felicia's Wedding Day

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Some shots from my darling, Felicia's wedding a couple months back! The photographer took forever to send the photos to Fel so I'm only blogging about it now.

Like a zhuai can, Mr groom! Lol we were all laughing about how this photos look like the MUA was complimenting him like wah you so handsome ahhhhh then he is like YAH DUUUUUH! LOL 

Styled my hair with a half side french braid and curled my hair and styed it to the side, I the hair and makeup i did for myself that night so camwhore more! hohoho

What's on my face:

✿ Base  

Foundation: Kate Powderless Liquid for Cover 
Setting powder: Face Of Australia translucent face powder
Bronzer: Benefit Hoola
Blusher: Jill Stuart Blusher in Brilliant Marigold
Highlighter: VDL Festival Mineral Blusher (802 Backhug)

✿ Colour

Brows: Rimmel London brow pencil
Too Faced Natural Eye Palette (Honeypot, Chocolate Martini, Sexpresso)
Mascara: ZA Mascara Base + Rimmel Volume Flash
 Falsies: Tokyo Lash by Star Lash in Rika
Lipstick: MAC Russian Red

With the beaaaaautiful bride! Muuuuuaucks!

Black X Brown

Look at the groom!! WALAOEH, he left his shoes at the hotel so he wore crocs for the solemnization ceremony! Sibeh jialat if it's Leon i will kill him hahahahah

LOL at felicia's hardcore auntie! Somebody still keep passing her the mic to yam seng, damn smart move to blow all of our eardrums yo.

♡ Love, TheLuckiestChick.

L&F Wedding | Singapore . Engagement sneakpeek series

Thursday, July 24, 2014

#HappyParcelDay: received the digital copy of our casual engagement shoot photos from last month by EggBenedictChan, beautifully wrapped in kraft paper + twine. Pretty packaging always makes my heart skip a beat when i'm about to open them, what treasures are beneath them? 


Why name this series the Smooching Beach? 

While reviewing our photos, I've come to realize that we kiss way too much! Like 80% of the time we're attached to each others lips in our shots. Haha not that it's a bad thing of course. (:


Photography: EggBenedictChan
Makeup. Florals. Styling: Fidelis Toh

Thank you, thank you and thank you Benedict for this amazing series of photos and helping us carry so much crap back to the car and we really look forward to work with you on our actual wedding day!

After receiving the photos yesterday I dived in headfirst and started laying out our engagement series album since 5pm till 3am and I'm almost half done! (:

Here's a couple pages of preview of how it's going to look like! I want it to be a mix of our photos and cute illustrations + quotes and lyrics of our march in song so It's not just any photo album, but something that belong to us and what we like:

♡ Love, TheLuckiestChick.

Review: Spa day out #OOTD at Aramsa, The Garden Spa

Monday, July 21, 2014

Top from Girl's Monday | Skirt from TokiChoi | Bag from Chloe | Shoes from Rubi

Sometimes i think my best fashion purchases are chosen by my fiance, LOL but his fashion sense for girls is extremely unpredictable thou, sometimes I buy things that i don't initally like but he does and when i put it on it turns out that it fits perfectly and looks really good but sometimes it is so bad! haha I hope his good eye to shop for me comes out more often so he can find me more treasures.


So the following week after we came back from our Taiwan, 7 days of summer trip, the heat had really gotten to us 40 degree celsius and we were out almost all day for the whole 7 days haha that's ALOT of us both low energy lazy bummers who get tired simply by sitting around. 

Luckily for us, we were treated to a rejuvenating afternoon escape to the Garden Spa - Aramsa's signature massage + rejuvenating (SkinCeuticals) facial.

Yep, that's unmistakably Aramsa - the Garden Spa, just right smack in the middle of the greenery of Bishan Park 02.

PLEEEEEEASE massage away our tensed overworks leg muscles, haha again I feel like slapping myself by typing that because the amount of walking we did was probably what everyone does on the daily basis, just that we both are fatty bummers so we feel the heat of it all. haha :x

Ahhh, in the cool refuge of the reception area where were filled in our details, area of concerns and of course levels of massage pressure etc, you won't want to leave the spa feeling bruised (if you're too shy to say owww owww softer to your therepist while she kneads away) instead of feeling all wonderful from the massage!

Cute little shower pods in the locker room, steam and washroom! So environmentally friendly since we could tell that they have used quite alot of upcycled materials in their decors. (:

Changed into our yukatas and enjoying a cup of tea in the lounge room, you have to try their ginger tea if you're here for your treatment, it's not too spicy as some tea houses serve them so I'm quite a fan!

Starting with a good ol' foot soak with some bath salts and our rejuvenating treatments starting in 3.. 2.. 1..

Aramsa Spa you're so good to us, the long stroke massage was like HEAVENH! My aching legs felt way lighter and less tense right after the therapist is done with them and they were so attentive to all of our needs, asking us if we were too cold, adjusting the leg rest on the massage bed.

We were so impressed that the massage therapist are also our facial therapist and are really knowledgeable in the range of Skin Ceuticals products used durig the facial and it was so comfortable that Leon was snoring away half the time during the facial! Pores clean and feeling rejuvenated from head to toe, we proceeded to the lounge room to enjoy more ginger tea (yums) and biscuits.

Thanks for hosting Leon and myself for this wonderful afternoon and we'll be back soon again, Aramsa Spa!

aramsa ~ the garden spa

Contact: 6456 6556
Where: Bishan Park 2, 1382 Ang Mo Kio Ave 1 Singapore 569931

♡ Love, TheLuckiestChick.